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SEA DC-90S BIO Reactor

Description:BioReact is an in-sump Bio Reactor, designed for hobbyists. It helps to accelerate the growth of beneficial bacteria, and helps to ensure water clarity. It is ideal to control the Phosphate (PO4) and Nitrate (NO3) level.

Product Column:Reactor


  • Complete with our very own recirculation pump

  • Unique design for quick and easy refilling of media

  • Sieve Plate to retain media in chamber

  • Cyclone “churn” style motion which maximises bacteria colonisation

  • Quad Directions Top Plate for easy placement

  • Easy Maintenance

  • High quality hand- made acrylic construction

Product Specification:

Model: DC-90S

Power: 24V / 11W

Pump: DC-600

Size: 100 * 100 * 400mm ( 3.9 * 3.9 * 15.7inch)

Product care and maintenance: