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SEA isolation box

Description:The fuselage is designed to be completely disassembled, the reaction chamber, diversion box, water pump, collecting cup can be disassembled for easy cleaning; pump 2 years no significant attenuation, the service life can be extended 3-5 years.

Product Column:Isolation Box


1, any parts are from artificial grinding process, highlighting more texture products.

2, the fuselage is designed to be completely disassembled, the reaction chamber, diversion boxes, pumps, collecting cups can be removed for easy cleaning.

3, the best double-hole muffler design, effectively reducing the noise brought by the pump inlet, making the machine work more quiet.

4, the real low-voltage brushless DC inverter control technology, there are 20 stalls to change the pump speed and power, safe, reliable, long life, low noise.

5, designed specifically for the egg points egg points dedicated needle brush pump, the actual standard flow, intake, first-class effect.

6, the pump did not significantly reduce the 2 years, life expectancy can be extended 3 - 5 years.

Product Specification:


Large: 300 * 200 * 200mm

Medium: 260 * 200 * 170mm

Small: 200 * 100 * 150mm

Product care and maintenance:

1, collecting cup: According to how much organic matter collected regularly cleaned, it is generally recommended once a week.

2, reaction positions: reaction positions do not need regular cleaning, it is recommended to clean 5-10 months.

3, the pump: maintenance of the barrel at the same time maintain the pump, drain the product during cleaning and get the cylinder, protect the pump line interface to avoid water. Rinse pump brush and rotor with clean water and assemble in place.

4, the product stops working for more than 3 hours need to clean the pump to avoid the pump was salt crystals and the precipitation of debris in the pump body led to the current is too large, damage to the pump.